Greenbank Road
Nepean, Ontario



Ayvand Management Agency needed a website that was in a portfolio style in black and white. SWe use a black logo and squeezed the fonts together to give it it’s signature look. We added all portfolio picture at the front and a minimalist menu. The About Page was simple and the process page and news page were the sub pages of the about page. The portfolio page was added with the booking page and proofing gallery page below. The shop page was then added with the the account page and cart page below. Finally we added the contact page and the FAQs page below.

The client wanted the creation of the whole brand including logo, icon, motto, and postcards to increase brand identity. Once we created the brand with it logo we then created a website that would match the brand on every level. We created Ayvand website on a WordPress CSM platform software so it would be easier for the client to go in and make changes in the back end of their website. The Coming Soon page was a plugin bought form Niteo Themes and the login plugin was downloaded from Colorlib.